Monday, 8 August 2016

I Accepted Independent Chennai Escorts

I went to Chennai, not to travel but to meet my beloved Nilakshi Wani. She isn’t my girlfriend or wife, but a proud Independent Chennai Escorts. I have been a loyal customer and frequently avail her services. So I have made several observations about her, the first thing she never feel bad about her profession. Many escort hide their real identities and despise their jobs. On the contrary, Nilakshi take pride on being a escort and faces criticism of society strongly. Secondly, she has a good sense of judgment with escorts in Chennai.

My First Meeting with Nilakshi Wani

When I first met her, she looked into my eyes smiled and asked “Which is your Favorite sex Position”. I was shocked at this direct question and could not say anything, but smiled shyly. “Cowgirl and 69 isn’t it”  she answered the question herself and she was right. I was amazed at her skill of instant judgment. She took me to her room and did exactly what I wanted. She satisfied my totally and to the core of my heart. From that day I began to like her and she came close to me as well, not just physically, but mentally and emotionally.

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I lost my interest in other Independent Chennai Escorts and just book Nilakshi for my needs. She gave me her personal number and talk with me off and on. I used to carry a red rose, the symbol of my love for her and she would laugh at me and say “I am not Your Girlfriend stupid”. Her innocent smile made a permanent place in my mind. I enjoyed every moment spent with her and in fact, I wanted to spend my entire life in her company.

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I convinced Her

May be she had sensed my intention and begun to withdraw from me. Her profession didn’t not allow love and personal feeling for any customer. When I proposed her she strongly rejected me and said that she didn’t have any feeling for me. I knew she was laying, so I forced her to open up and share her doubts and comprehensions. She resisted, but busted in the end. My pressure technique worked and she expressed that Independent Chennai Escorts are not respected in the main stream of society. She didn’t want to become a reason for embarrassment for me.

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It was a dream by the way

I convinced her with several logics and gave her a new name and identity. She was happy to enter in my life leaving behind her career and previous life. As soon as I hugged her, my roommate shouted from behind, won’t you go office today? It was a dream and already got late for office.